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Our strong gray and ductile iron production capacity and our commitment to our diverse customer base help elevate Liberty Casting above the competition in the casting world.

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Who We Are

Liberty Casting is an American Cast Iron Foundry carrying a long history of producing high-quality gray and ductile iron castings. Customers are our driving force, and as the manufacturing industry faces significant pressure to meet the ever-changing demands in today’s global economy, Liberty Casting is here for our customers.

The Liberty Casting Difference

We at Liberty Casting are devoted to not just surviving in a competitive environment, but to thriving in a competitive environment. Our people and their knowledge play an imperative role in our success. We are a robust foundry group that adapts to the ups and downs of individual industries so our customers can depend on us in good times and in bad.

Our Locations

We have two foundry locations, both located in Delaware, Ohio. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment as well as computerized process control systems. These processes allow us to provide our customers with continued high-quality, cost-effective iron castings.

Liberty Casting Foundry

The Liberty Casting facility is where our foundry’s low- to medium-volume no-bake (air-set) molding lines are operated. This facility can produce castings of complex shapes and sizes up to 12,000 pounds.

Liberty Technology Foundry

The Liberty Technology facility is our medium- to high-volume automated green sand casting foundry. It’s equipped with a FBO 20×24 matchplate and with a HSP 32×38 cope and drag molding line. This facility produces castings up to 500 pounds.


Our in-house engineers assist customers with developing cost-effective, foundry-friendly casting designs. Once the designs are finalized, our engineers utilize 3D Magma simulation analysis software that is used to help identify and address any potential casting issues prior to moving forward with tooling construction.

Finishing & Shipment

All finishing takes place in Liberty’s central finishing department, where castings are blasted, ground and re-blasted to prepare for final inspection and shipment to our valued customers. This facility also houses paint booths and heat-treating ovens, making it possible for Liberty to complete all casting processes from start to finish in-house.

Prior to shipment, all castings are 100% visually inspected and, when required, our 3D scanner is utilized for dimensional verification. Additional inspections are available which include mag particle, die penetrant and ultra-sonic testing.


We invite all new and prospective clients to hear from our current customers to learn about the quality of the work we do on every job. Read through our testimonials at the link below.

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