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For reliable, American-made gray and ductile iron castings, look no further than Liberty Casting, a vertically integrated shop with a strong commitment to quality.

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Our Casting Capabilities

At Liberty Casting, we offer multiple ranges of iron castings at two facilities in Delaware, Ohio. The casting capabilities we offer include:

Large iron casting, with a daily melt of 90 tons and melt capacity up to 12,000 pounds, at our Liberty Casting facility

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Automated casting, with a daily melt of 22 tons and melt capacity up to 500 pounds, at our Liberty Technology facility

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Quality & Engineering

An intensive quality assurance system ensures we only perform work of the highest quality. You can get a clearer picture of our quality-focused equipment and practices by reading through our page on the subject. You can also find out more about the equipment and experience we have on hand for all of the engineering work we do.

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Who We Are

An American manufacturing partner, Liberty Casting is structured to thrive in a competitive environment, and that’s what we’ve done for all our years in business. A dedicated team, open-minded approach and realistic goal-setting process are evidence of our drive to be the best in the industry.

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Who We Serve

Liberty Casting serves companies in a huge variety of industries. Our customer base ranges from transportation, construction equipment and HVAC to wind energy, drilling and robotics. You can get a better idea of which market sectors we work with by browsing our list of industries served.

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