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Pattern Design  -  Metallurgical Services  -  Heat Treating  -  Quality Control   -  Painting


Value Added Services

Pattern Design 
Liberty Casting Company will work with you to identify pattern design enhancements that can be completed in our pattern shop to improve the quality of your castings as well as lower your total cost of production.


Metallurgical Services
Certifications are available which include special Nodularity counts, physical properties, Brinell, ultrasound, and dye penetrant testing.


Heat Treating
Heat treating services are available which include stress relieving, annealing, and normalizing.


Quality Control
Quality control departments perform dimensional layout for sample castings, and are able to qualify a casting by either target machining or by the use of a qualifying fixture. 

More Detailed Quality Control Information


Painting capabilities are available which include both prime and finish painting. 

Pattern Design  -  Metallurgical Services  -  Heat Treating  -  Quality Control  -  Machining Painting